Short timeline of major events in Egyptian history from the first Pharaonic King Narmer to current president Mubarak King Menes aka Hor-Aha whose Horus name was Narmer, is considered to be the. EGYPTIAN HISTORY IN THE OLDEST TIMES. An unique site with pictures and descriptions of the oldest dynasties. Another equally plausible theory is that Narmer was an immediate successor to the king who did manage to unify Egypt (perhaps the King Scorpion whose name was found on a macehead.

King Menes was the first pharoah to unify the two kingdoms of ancient Egypt. Narmer was an Egyptian Pharaoh who ruled in the 31st century BC. Thought to be the successor to the predynastic Scorpion and/or Ka, he is considered by some to be the founder of. Some scholars consider Narmer as belonging to ‘Dynasty 0′ (kings. King Menes was associated with different names such as Aha, Min,. Egyptian Timeline – Civilization – Chronology – Key Date – Dates – Time Line – Events – Timeline: King Tut. Homepage: Timeline: Maps: A-Z index: Learning: Narmer.
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The Pharaoh Narmer (also called King
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